Diversity & Inclusion


Our program offers exemplary clinical training, unparalleled 1-on-1 mentorship, institutional resources and academic opportunities that allow us to dream big. We also want you to know that our program embraces all forms of diversity. We believe a diverse resident body allows trainees to learn from one another’s lived experiences, thereby developing deeper empathy, understanding, and respect for the communities from which we come. HAEMR ROOTS is a resident-driven initiative that strives to create an academic and cultural environment where everyone can thrive. Please read our stories and don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time at

ROOTS Ambassadors

“I’m a first generation college student from a low income immigrant family. Where I come from is why my heart and commitment have always been with low income, underserved communities, and my dream is to serve them well, both as a doctor and activist. I want to do this alongside my like-minded co-residents who inspire me daily and with whom I hope to share lifelong friendships. I hope that you too decide to join our HAEMR family.” – Andy, PGY-2

“I’m originally from Calabar, a poor city in Southeast Nigeria. On my most recent visit home, I was shocked to see how little progress had been made in improving the medical infrastructure. Given my interest in sustainable emergency medicine systems and pediatric emergency medicine, HAEMR was a perfect fit. What especially blew me away on my interview day though, was how committed HAEMR was to three things I hold in high esteem: camaraderie, family, and mentorship.” – Micky, PGY-2

“One of my top priorities in choosing a residency program was finding a place where I could feel empowered and supported, both in my career goals and personally, as a woman, ethnic minority, and lesbian. Being surrounded by people who not only strive to make large-scale impact but also care for their colleagues is my ideal environment for learning and growing, and I’m so grateful to be a part of the HAEMR family.” – Alyssa, PGY-2

Visiting Students 

The Visiting Clerkship Program (VCP), sponsored by the Minority Faculty Development Program of the Harvard Medical School (HMS) Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership, provides support (via financial assistance for transportation and housing) for fourth-year and qualified third-year medical students from groups underrepresented in medicine (African-American, Hispanic/Latino and American Indian/Alaska Native) to gain clinical exposure within any Harvard affiliated department in the form of a month long clerkship.


We, at the Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency (HAEMR), are proud supporters of the VCP. We believe the resident body should reflect the diversity of the patients we serve. This is especially important in the emergency department, where we are often the providers for the most vulnerable and underserved populations. To that end, once accepted to VCP, you will receive a minority resident mentor, who will help acclimate you to Boston, the emergency department, and the residency. You will also be guaranteed a meeting with an assistant program director and/or the residency program director.


So come and join us! We would love to have you!


For more information and to apply, visit: or email