Extracurricular Learning


Fall Retreat
Every fall, the HAEMR family comes together for an off-campus program-wide retreat. Organized by our residents, the full-day program is designed to review the structure of the program, brainstorm ideas and improvements for the future, and foster a sense of community.  We work extremely hard to free residents from off-service and ED responsibilities so that as many residents as possible are able to attend and enjoy the company of their fellow residents. While many important changes have developed from these retreats, they are also meant to be fun and relaxing.

Intern Retreat
At the end of intern year, the entire PGY-1 class is given time off as a group to reflect on their year, relax, and to continue building their camaraderie. Traditionally, the class decides on where to go and what activities they will do while they recharge and prepare for the year ahead.


One of the most important and very best aspects of the HAEMR program is the people. Throughout training, our residents are surrounded by an incredible group of peers, faculty, and colleagues.  As a result, they  enjoy spending time together, both in and outside of work. In addition to annual events such as the faculty vs. resident softball game, departmental holiday parties, and graduation, our residents and faculty frequently join together for post-shift meals, mentoring sessions, and often develop lifelong friendships.