Post-residency fellowship training at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital is an ever-growing area of focus with new fellowships being developed every year at each institution. In conjunction with advanced sub-specialty training, many of the programs offer additional master's-level enrollment.

Fellowship in Disaster Medicine and Healthcare Emergency Management (DM-HEM)

The Mass General Brigham (MGB) Disaster Medicine and Healthcare Emergency Management (DM-HEM) Fellowship Program is a one-year training program designed to give physicians the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue careers in the field of disaster medicine and leadership roles in the emergency preparedness programs of their hospitals and communities.  Fellows will develop the skills and expertise necessary to create and grow in evidence-based emergency management programs that best promote readiness and effective and equitable response to the broadest range of emergency events in our communities.

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Fellowship in Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Completion of a fellowship in geriatric emergency medicine certifies the graduate as an expert in geriatric emergency medicine. This fellowship is made possible through collaborations and rotations with the Division of Palliative Care and Geriatric Medicine, Psychiatry, and Spaulding Rehabilitation.  It aims to train leaders in geriatric emergency medicine through training in research, education and/or quality improvement.

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Fellowship in Emergency Medical Education

The Harvard-Affiliated Emergency Medicine Education Fellowship will provide participants with training in instructional design and education research methods complemented by supervised research experiences to develop a strong foundation to pursue leadership positions in the fields of educational research, graduate medical education policy, and residency administration.  Fellows will be exposed to the medical education expertise at both Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) during their two years.

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Fellowship in Emergency Critical Care

The changing landscape of health care has resulted in an increase in the delivery of critical care in the emergency department. Although the emergency department length of stay is brief compared with the total length of hospitalization, physiologic determinants of outcome may be established before an ICU admission. The BWH fellowship in critical care focuses on the acute care needs of the sickest patients seen in the emergency department.

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MGB Fellowship in Emergency Department Administration

The MGB Emergency Department Administration Fellowship, based at both BWH and MGH, prepares residency-trained Emergency Medicine specialists to become competent, knowledgeable and effective managers and leaders in the complex task of providing effective and efficient care in Emergency Departments.

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Fellowship in Emergency Ultrasound

MGH and BWH are known as national and international leaders in the field of emergency ultrasound and bedside point-of-care sonography. The MGB Fellowship in Emergency Ultrasound is regarded as among the country’s most mature fellowship programs in emergency ultrasound.

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Fellowship in Health Policy Research and Translation

The goal of the Fellowship in Health Policy Research and Translation is to train leaders in emergency medicine who design, conduct, and translate innovative research and practice changes into health policy.

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Fellowship in Global Emergency Medicine

The Fellowship in Global Emergency Medicine prepares leaders in international health and international emergency systems.  Fellows develop skills in humanitarian aid and disaster response, emergency systems development, health program administration and funding, cross-cultural collaboration, international public health, and human rights.

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Fellowship in Medical Simulation

Completion of a fellowship in medical simulation certifies the graduate as an expert in the field of simulation-based medical education. Both the Department of Emergency Medicine simulation center at MGH and the STRATUS Center for Medical Simulation at BWH have established themselves as clinical, academic, and research leaders in this field. STRATUS offers a 20year SAEM approved fellowship.

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Fellowship in Neurologic Emergencies

The MGH Fellowship in Neurologic Emergencies is made possible through collaboration with the Division of Neuro-critical Care and Neurologic Emergencies in the Department of Neurology, the Division of Neuro-radiology in the Department of Radiology, the Division of Trauma, Emergency Surgery and Surgical Critical Care in the Department of Surgery, and the Department of Neurosurgery. Our partnerships ensure an interdisciplinary approach to our goals of research, education, and quality improvement.

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Fellowship in Wilderness Medicine

The MGH Wilderness Medicine Fellowship is designed to provide graduates of Emergency Medicine residency programs with advanced training in wilderness medicine practice, research, and teaching. Wilderness Medicine is the provision of resource limited medicine under austere conditions.  MGH trains tomorrow’s wilderness medicine leaders in clinical care, research, and policy excellence.  We have a pioneering history of recognizing health as an ecological phenomenon, exploring ‘hostile’ environments, and encouraging rational healthcare policyThe Earth needs a good doctor.™ The fellowship is a foundational component of the SPEAR MED Division (SPace, Ecological, Austere and Resource-limited Medicine) at MGH.

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MGH-BCM Space Medicine Fellowship

The Massachusetts General Hospital – Baylor College of Medicine Space Medicine fellowship provides advanced specialty training program to bring terrestrial standards of care to the extraterrestrial environment.
The two-year program for Emergency Medicine residency graduates is designed to train experts in clinical care, risk management, medical system design, research, and operational considerations supporting human activities in space.
Additionally, it is our firm belief that one must first be an outstanding terrestrial doctor to practice outstanding Space Medicine. To that end both campuses protect time for fellows to maintain clinical competency.
The program is administered by the Departments of Emergency Medicine at MGH and BCM, as well as the Center for Space Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine.  We work closely with our partners at MIT AeroAstro, Harvard Medical School, the Translational Research Institute for Space Health, the Departments of Emergency Medicine at MGH and BCM, and commercial spaceflight partners. The fellowship is housed in the MGH Division of SPEAR Medicine.