HAEMR recruits top candidates, both nationally and internationally. Our residents enrich the program by contributing diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Residency is a challenging yet rewarding time in every physician’s life. HAEMR recognizes the importance of health and wellness as an intricate piece of emergency medicine training. The program supports resident-planned activities outside of the hospital and every year the residents engage in a variety of activities including hiking, barbeques, yoga, sporting events, etc.

Residents have a broad diversity of backgrounds, bringing an invaluable breadth of experiences to our program’s pursuit of excellence. Many come with developing interests in medical education and simulation, ultrasound, critical care medicine, wilderness medicine, public health and health policy, clinical operations and research, and international medicine.

Emotional and physical health is highly valued in our program and a strong emphasis is placed on a well-balanced life. As such, residents form a tight-knit community outside of training that is maintained throughout, and beyond, residency. This is achieved, in part, by scheduling social events for resident and faculty members to interact in a less formal atmosphere. Some of these events include our annual residency retreat, monthly journal clubs, summer picnic, barbecues, and of course, graduation.

Resources for HAEMR Trainees

Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital offer a wide variety of additional resources to its employees and residents.

Resources for Prospective, Incoming and Current Residents

Making the move to Boston is both exciting and challenging. There are resources available to help you find housing, furniture and networks to connect to: